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Mulla Sadra (also spelt Molla Sadra or Mollasadra, also called Sadr al-Din al-Shirazi or sadrol mota allehin) (c. 1571–1640) was a Persian Islamic philosopher, theologian and ‘Ālim who led the Iranian cultural renaissance in the 17th century.. Mulla Sadra is thought by some to be the single most important and influential philosopher in the Muslim world in the last four hundred years. Therefore, the discussion of social issues has a very strong position in the philosophy of Mulla Sadra. Mulla Sadra's ontology is an important philosophical turn and contribution to the understanding of the development of Muslim philosophy and thought. 8, no. The uniqueness of this philosophy is not only summarizing the various approaches that have been taken by previous philosophers - from Greece to the Muslim world (Middle East) - but also completes and adds new approaches in the form of irfan and also references to the Koran and the hadith of the Prophet … Enshaallah R AHMATI et Mahnaz O SOOLI « A Comparative Study of Mulla Sadra and Henry Corbin: Their Views concerning the Impact of Revealed Teachings on Human Being » Publié dans Religious Inquiries Vol. Hikmah Muthaaliyah (Transcendent Wisdom) is the Philosophy of Mulla Sadra. 15, 2019, p. 5-27. The study may contribute to a better understanding of Mulla Sadra's philosophy in two ways: Firstly, Mulla Sadra's philosophy contains certain … Mulla Sadra and Evolution Theory ALI ARSHAD RIAHI, MOHAMMAD NASSRISFAHANI & MEHDI JAFARZADEH 1 ... interpretation of religious books by theologians is based on theses cultural teachings. But perhaps the most important medieval conduit for the school was the … The completeness of the approach accompanied by an accurate understanding of the sources of Islamic teachings, this philosophy is called the most complete philosophy in terms of the scope of the discussion. The uniting of qurʾanic exegesis and Islamic philosophy reached its high point in the works of the great Muslim philosopher Ṣadr al-Dīn al-Širāzī, known as Mulla Sadra (979/1571-1045/1635), who, through the use of transcendental philosophy, brought the Qurʾān into wider philosophical discussions. Sadradin Shirazi (1571 - 1640), known also as Mulla Sadra, spoke of the primacy of Being and promoted a new ontology, founding a new epistemology. Among critical concepts in Mulla Sadra's thought, which, of course, cannot be discussed separately between the parts. The present research aims at the study of Mulla Sadra's philosophy in order to arrive at its epistemolo­ gical implications. (4) In the pages which follow I will therefore discuss the most important features of Mulla Sadra's commentary on the hadith of awakening, highlighting how one of Islam's most important philosophers was able to expound his teachings on psychology, eschatology, and imagination within the context of a hadith commentary. Mulla Sadra writes, “I have collected the divine lights, the secrets of divine problems, and Qur’anic teachings embedded in the verses and chapters of this Holy Book and indicated upon which verse or chapter the discussions of human life are based or to which wisdom a chapter refers.” 2.2. This is because the basic rules in philosophical discourse are universal traits that make it approached from various directions as a unified form of reality. Through the work of the Shiʽi Sufi Sayyid Ḥaydar Āmulī (d. after 1385), these teachings entered and influenced Shiʽi thought and were profoundly transformed and naturalised.

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